Monday, August 17, 2009


We just wanted to share a few pictures with you that we thought were amazing. Gabe is definitely getting skinnier but after seeing an x-ray of his bone structure, it really put how much edema he really has into perspective. Everyday Gabe undergoes numerous x-rays, the list is VERY long to say the least. We always joke around that he has had so many, that if you turned out he lights he would probably glow. Poor little guy. If you look at the x-rays you can see were his bone structure is and were his skin is. At this time he should be skin and bones, there should not be this big a gap between them. For us though Gabe is looking great compared to what he used to look like. I should also note that this is the clearest we have seen his lungs since the day he was born. Normally his lungs are in some state of collapse and look white since there is no air between them. But these x-ray show black since there is air in his lungs. You can also see the two chest tubes that are draining all the fluid out from around his lungs. Today nurse "L" kept Gabe comfy, clean and made sure he was only subjected to absolutely necessary procedures. She also makes sure it is as quite as possible around his bed, so that means no loud fathers tapping and talking loudly on the sides of his bed like a fish in a fish bowl. Tonight nurse "S" is taking care of Gabe and we know he is in good hands. Also forgot to mention we brought Kayla by this afternoon to say hello to Gabe. She normally just looks at him and then wants to go down stairs to see the model train. However, this time she actually wanted to hold his hand. It was so beautiful to see Kayla touching her baby brothers hand. I'm sure once he's home she will be so happy to have a real baby to play with and dress up.


Robin said...

Wow, those x-rays are amazing. Really puts things in perspective for us on the outside. I knew what a beautiful, brave soldier SuperG is, but today a renewed respect and awe.

So glad Kayla got to hold baby brother's hand, that connection and love lasts forever.

Thanks the updates Jesse, I don't know if I could do it. So SuperG must get something special from his Papa too (good looks from Mama :-) )

Jude Daley said...

Hi Jesse and Shannon, Jude here. I'm thrilled that Gabe is making slow and steady positive progress. Fantastic! I dont know if I shared with you that my first son was born at Stanford and he was also in the NICU for a little while before I could bring him home. My heart goes out to each of you. Please be sure to know that warm thoughts are coming your way...Your neighbor, Jude