Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8, 2009

Frustration. Fear. Happiness. Just a few of the words that describe our normal day in the NICU with Gabe. Today Gabe had a little setback. Gabe has had increasing edema on his body and has gotten significantly puffier. Today the doctors discontinued the use of the Albumen that they had been using and are now just withholding any extra fluid. They are giving him large amounts of Lasix which is a diuretic, every six hours to help get rid of this fluid. Gabe had his normal suctioning and respiratory treatment today and it was all pretty routine up until this afternoon. As the anesthesiologist was looking at were to place a femoral arterial line, Gabe's numbers began to drop. The respiratory therapist and nurse called for emergency help and doctors came running from everywhere. They worked to re-oxygenate Gabe and after awhile they were able to stabilize him. They ordered a chest x-ray after the incident and thats when we found that Gabe's entire left lung had completely collapsed again. I was very nervous during the whole ordeal and then it was followed by frustration, then thankfulness that he was still going strong. Unfortunately since he was so unstable they decided again to not put a arterial line in. They said that depending on how he does through the night, they would try again tomorrow. Shannon and I feel like we can never leave his bedside, even though there is really nothing we can do. This whole experience seems to wear on us more and more everyday. Please pray for our strength.
Today we got Kayla back from Grandma and Grandpa and we were so happy to see our little bean as we call her. She always puts a smile on our faces and makes us laugh, she is definitely a comic relief. Tonight she asked Shannon and I, "Is Gabe's ouchy all better?" and then stated, "I want to go home now". We sure wish Gabe's ouchy was better and then we could all go home, together. Someday soon we tell her.
Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully Gabe's lung will be re-inflated and he will have lost a little weight overnight.


Steve & Joyce said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Prayers for strength sent.

Kevin said...

Wow... you guy's are so strong for going through all of these ups and downs. We thought that Cameron's asthma was hard. We hope that everything turns out okay and everybody gets to go home together soon. As always your family is in our thoughts.

Robin said...

Hang in there, we're with you! Love and hope. - R

The Leahy's said...

Stay strong. We're praying for "Gabe's ouchy" and your strength.