Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009

Today the new plan was approved by the team and they are now giving Gabe the new diuretic, Bumex in conjunction with his Lasix. So now, he is getting a diuretic every six hours. They also switched to the Albumen instead of the FFP. Gabe was looking a tad bit skinnier this morning and you could see it in his little lips, nose and left eye. However, after lunch today he was looking a little more puffy and they said that it could take a little bit of time before the new med kick starts his kidneys to produce more. We will keep our fingers crossed. Nurse "A" did a wonderful job keeping an eye on little man and she kept the plan running smoothly all day. Thank you nurse "A". Tonight, nurse "S" said she won't let Gabe get out of hand and we have all the faith in the world that Gabe is going to be just fine tonight. Hopefully we will come in tomorrow to find that Gabe will have gotten skinnier over night.

Shannon and I always feel butterflies in our stomach when we walk down that hallway to see our son, unsure of what we will find. This is becoming increasingly difficult over time and wears on us both. We feel this anytime we leave the NICU, even if for only a few hours. Tonight nurse "S" turned Gabe and it is always hard to watch because we never know how well he will handle it. No matter how many crazy things Gabe has gone through, watching his numbers fall is always hard for us to watch. It seems to just slowly chip away at our nerves and hearts.

Doctor "A" said this morning that she wants to see Gabe down in the operating room on Wednesday. Hopefully Gabe will cooperate and he will have a quit weekend with no hiccups. Thank you for all your prayers.


Adrianne said...

Cheers to cocktails little man!!

*still chanting*
Out fluid out! Out fluid out!

Jesse, I think SuperG was trying to wink at you and tell you, "don't worry Dad, I've got this one." It's a superhero's secret code. ;)

All my love and support,

MorelloFamilia said...

Our prayers are remaining constant for Gabe, no worries there. He is definitely a little superhero and fighting the fight with those powers of his! You are all in our hearts each and everyday. Keep staying strong for each other, as this shall pass.

xo The Morello Family

Redwood said...

hey guys...
I checked in with your next door neighbors today and they gave me the info for this site... I had no idea what was going on, as we have been involved in our own crazy drama this month... very sad ending to our story, unfortunately... I left you a letter in your mailbox a few days ago to fill you in... looking forward to the welcome home block party for Gabe! all our love & support! - Evan