Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

Another day has passed and we are nearing Go Time. This morning we found out that surgery has been scheduled for Gabe on Thursday at some point. The goal is to continue to bring down his oscillator settings so that we may switch him to a normal ventilator by tomorrow night. He must be stable on the traditional ventilator in order for them to consider taking him, so we are praying that he keeps being strong. Today Gabe was being pampered by his nurse "C" who gave him the salon treatment. She washed his hair with some special shampoo and then styled his hair in a very grown up way. He looked like a little man and it made us all laugh. They haven't changed much with what they are giving to Gabe, so they are keeping the current cocktail going until after the surgery.

This afternoon we decided to spend a little family time together at the Ronald McDonald House and have some fun with Kayla. RMH is always hosting fun events for the kids and today they brought in "Furry Friends". A group that brings dogs and cats to hospitals and bring cheer. The kids were all out front getting to pet and walk the different animals around. Our dog could definitely never be considered for this type of duty. Kayla was a little unsure of all the animals and was much more comfortable just watching everyone. After this we went down to the activity room to play. Kayla had a great time painting some masterpieces. She also painted the floor, herself and then flung the paint brush at me and completely spackled me. It was very fun and now we have some lovely artwork to hang in our room. Kayla also made a little friend while we've been here and today the two of them found some musical instruments to make beautiful harmonious music with. Hopefully we won't find those things again.

Tonight I said goodnight to Gabe and left him with nurse "L". Nurse "L" tucked Gabe into some fresh sheets and I think he even cracked a smile when he got cuddled up in the new blankets. Thank you nurse "L".

Please continue to pray for our little Super G. We hope to have some answers by next week.


Meghan said...

Gabe looks amazing!!!! Kayla is getting so big. I miss her so much. Much love!

cmacdon72 said...

Gabe looks so handsome! I think I saw a smile too! :O) Kayla is so darn cute... What big words miss Kayla! Love it!