Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

This morning we came in to find Gabe having increasing difficulty breathing. His oxygen saturation was down, CO2 levels were rising and they were using significant pressure to keep his lungs open. The morning x-ray showed a significant amount of fluid around his right lung. They decided to get an ultra sound as well and this showed even more fluid than they could see on the x-ray. It was decided to place a new and different kind of chest tube this time. The old chest tube that was placed was in the right location it had just been pulling out slowly as his body continued to swell. A surgeon and radiologist worked together using the ultrasound machine to place the tube in the best location, right in the middle of all the fluid. They used a syringe to pull out approximately 30 cc of fluid and as they did we actually watched his oxygen saturation rise from 88 to 99 in matter of a minute. It was absolutely incredible! I was so happy, I told the surgeon and radiologist that if I had a beer I would give them one. Our nurse "L" worked so hard and we are so very thankful for her outstanding care for of our little man.
As I am writing this in the hallway of the NICU, Shannon just came out and told me that they just shot another x-ray and it shows that his right lung is fully open and expanded. The left lung is also showing great improvement. This is huge news for Gabe! Thank you for all your prayers and lets just keep praying for this kind of improvement. I will update you later as the day develops.


Robin said...

Minute by minute, what strength we've witnessed. Thank you so much for continuing to find time to share both the good and the bad in this challenging time. Blessings to all your wonderful NICU support staff.

Adrianne said...

Jesse, thank you so much for posting this afternoon. I was hoping you would squeeze out a minute to update the cheerleading squad. :)

What an amazing fighter Gabe is. All night long I've been thinking about Gabe's fluids and lungs. What a dramatic change after getting his new chest tube in. Big high fives to the surgeon, the radiologist and nurse "L". And hugs all around to you guys.

We are with you everyday with our love and support.

Cindy said...

Jesse and Shannon,
I think about you guys often, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Denise said...

Jesse and Shannon, We are friends of Matthew and Mary Poncato. We want you to know that Gabe is on the prayer list at Coast Chapel in Santa Cruz. We are praying for your little man and for you. May God give you His peace in the midst of this storm.

Denise Holser

Jude Daley said...

Jesse, Shannon and little Gabe, our thoughts are with all of you. Please let us know if we can help in anyway...We are right next door...Our love always, Jude and Steve Daley, 831-212-2709.