Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16, 2009

Gabe is doing a wonderful job and he is looking so much better. His lungs are still looking great and they have brought down the amount of oxygen they are giving him. They have also been decreasing the amount of oscillator support that they are giving him. Nurse "C" just turned him this morning and he handled it very well. Gabe put out a considerable amount of fluid out of his new chest tube and overall his fluid output is impressive. They are going to keep up the same medication combo since it seems to be working so well. If everything stays on course, Wednesday's surgery is looking like it could be a reality. Knock on wood. It seems that every Sunday something goes wrong, so all the doctors and nurses are referring to today as Thursday. Hopefully he falls for it. Will update you all later today.

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Adrianne said...

What a difference a week makes. Gabe is looking so good!

I think I might be part superhero. I had the same birthmark on my forehead when I was a baby. It has faded over time. Mom says it would reappear when I got really mad. You guys have been warned! :)

Happy "thursday" Mister. I hope it wad a good one.