Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 19, 2009

Today Gabe had another big day. I knew that today they were planning on switching him over to the conventional ventilator, but I had thought it was going to take place later at night. However, I walked in after lunch and they told me I was just in time to watch the switch. Panic! At first I didn't know what to think. I had many questions floating around in my head, the biggest one; was he ready? After talking to Doctor "P" she made me feel much better and the switch was made. I was pacing around Gabe's bed for what seemed like an eternity until he was hooked up to the other machine. Finally he was hooked up and the loud oscillator was shut down and Gabe was doing it. He was doing just fine and he was so comfortable he opened his eyes and gave us all a nice treat. Gabe loves the peace and quite offered by the normal ventilator. Gabe coasted through the rest of the day and that always makes us nervous. Like there is something he is waiting to drop on us but he did a great job all day. Nurse "C" took excellent care of Gabe and she made it her mission to make sure he was ready for the big day that was coming. Thank you nurse "C". Gabe had a wonderful night, probably glad he didn't have to try and sleep next to that jack hammer. We would also like to thank nurse "A" for finding another nurse for Gabe that was familiar with him for the night shift. Also a thank you to the other nurse "A" for switching from one kid to Gabe so that he could have someone that is familiar with his quirks and how he works.

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