Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5, 2009 Update

Gabe just had his x-ray and they found that all that hard work and additional ventilatory support worked and we got both his lungs in a better place. So we thought that it was go time and we were off to CT. Wrong! Unfortunately after all that they can't get an anesthesiologist that is available! Arghh!!! I can't believe this. It is very frustrating to say the least and everyone at Gabe's bedside shares my feelings including our doctor. I just can't believe in this whole hospital there isn't one that can do this procedure. I can't dwell on it and have to move on. So now the plan is to get him in first thing tomorrow morning. I shared my concerns with the doctor about how every time we postpone something by even a couple hours we seem to miss our window with little Gabe. When we tried for an MRI, his lungs collapsed and that never happened, then it took forever for him to recover from that. Then we try for a biopsy and his lungs collapse. Now we try for a CT and now you see my concern. I'm not alone on this one, everyone including the doctor feel the exact same way. So we will keep our fingers crossed and say a little prayer that his lungs stay healthy overnight and we will have no problems in the morning.

I did get a little training on neonatal massage and therapy, then got to work with his arms. I was able to get his arms to relax and actually lie by his side, which I haven't seen in a long time. We also started to notice that Gabe was starting to swell up again, this is from them paralyzing him earlier so they could get the right chest tube in. But he will shrink again. Please keep your prayers and thoughts coming Gabe's way. Thank you all again for everything.

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Robin said...

Dear ones,
just so you know everyday I have a prayer ritual just for you and our Gabe. I am so in awe of what he is able to accomplish and how you are staying positive and strong for him and each other. I am proud to know you and am sending all the strength and love I can muster your way. - R