Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

Shannon and I arrived at the hospital early this morning anxious to see what was going to happen. After reviewing his current status they decided to postpone the surgery for a couple of days to allow his left lung to re-inflate. We are not upset at postponing the surgery because we want to give Gabe the very best chance at success. However, we are bummed that his left lung is yet again collapsed. So today's plan is more suctioning and ventilatory support. We will update you later today with his progress.

After this morning’s cancellation, Shannon and I were completely exhausted and we retreated to our room for some rest. Shannon got some well deserved sleep and I got some breakfast and headed back to the hospital to hang out with Gabe. Since he no longer has a PICC line they have to poke him every time they need to get a blood gas. Unfortunately last night they were unsuccessful at re-establishing the PICC line and decided to wait for morning. This morning was not much better for Gabe, they poked him a lot more and ended up with a line that appeared to work but now no longer works. So this will be addressed again tomorrow. Gabe’s little body has been poked so many times that he is running out of places to put these lines in. They can’t just keep placing lines in areas they have already had them, they have to give that area time to heal and mostly that area just won’t work even if you tried. The doctor with the surgical team mentioned that since Gabe will be needing an arterial line for pretty much his entire stay they will need something that they can depend on to give vital fluids through. So he said that they may surgically place a line that goes into his chest and wouldn’t need to be replaced like the ART lines need to.
Gabe continues to get Albumin to help control his leaky vessels and Lasix to help him get all that fluid off faster. Also, he is receiving breathing treatments to help break up the secretions in his lungs that have been giving us so many problems. In conjunction with these breathing treatments Gabe is getting vigorous suctioning to help get stuff moving out of his lungs. Hopefully tomorrow morning we will see some good results. Shannon and I hope to see a skinnier baby with some good looking lungs in the morning.
Tonight, Shannon and I headed back to pick up Kayla from grandma Aguilar and then went and had dinner with grandma and grandpa Reynolds. We brought Kayla back with us and we are so happy to have our little girl back with us. Having that little smiling girl sure makes things in life look so much brighter. No matter what, she always smiles and I think it’s beginning to rub off on us. Shannon and I always try to smile while were with Gabe and be positive no matter what is happening. He knows when we are there and he can always tell when mommy is touching him and talking to him, it’s amazing to see. We try to keep our time with him as positive as we can although it may be hard at times.
Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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The Leahy's said...

There will be more days. Gabe's sucess is what's more important.