Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009 - THE BIG DAY

Today is the BIG DAY! We have been waiting for today from what seems to be before he was born. From that first time we saw the masses we always needed to know what they were. Today we will finally get our first chance. I feel like one of those Mt. Everest climbers that sits in wait at the bottom of the mountain for months just waiting for all the stars in the sky to align and everything is perfect for my chance. If everything stays on this course, Gabe will be going to surgery today. The plan is to have him prepped at 10;30 am and down at the operating room between 11:30 and 12 am. Gabe will have an open biopsy of his liver, during which they will take a small portion of one of the tumors. They will then place what is called a broviac line in his chest which will solve our vascular access problems. This line will give us a port in which to give meds, blood and take blood for testing. Unfortunately we will not get the results of the biopsy for two to three days. I think these next few days are going to be some of the longest in my life. Please pray for little man today and his big day. I will update you after he is out of surgery.


Lesley said...

Sending lots of good thoughts to little Gabe today! He will do great! Hang in there!

g.kling said...

coming to this site and following the events of Gabe has become a morning ritual...and sometimes an afternoon one...we definitely have been praying for your little man, and for the two of you and Kayla.
love you all, Gary & Sara

MorelloFamilia said...

Our prayers are with Gabe today!! Go get 'em little buddy. :)