Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little Details.... here is the info I know all you ladies are interested in:

Gabriel (aka Gabe, Bubba) has black hair; brown eyes; Daddy's lips, ears, fingers and toes; Mommy's lighter skin, birth mark on the forehead and stubborness. He is annoyed by the constant noises of the NICU and tries to join in when the other babies start crying. Of course, with a breathing tube, no cry can come out, but he sure does try. Gabe already knows Mommy and Daddy's voices and starts to move a bit when he hears Mommy's voice (I love it!). We have not been able to hold him yet, but once he's on the conventional ventilater and his chest tubes are removed, we will finally get to snuggle with our little boy. For now we can talk to him and touch him. I love to sit next to him with my finger in his hand (he usually squeezes my finger pretty tightly).

We are currently staying at the Ronald McDonald house, which is only a few minutes away from the hospital. Not wanting to be too far from Gabe in his condition, we have spent most of the last few weeks in Palo Alto. With only a few visits home. We haven't seen Kayla as much as we'd like, so we are going to try and bring her up to Palo Alto (she can stay with us at RMD House) more often and make trips home more often. It is hard to be Mommy and Daddy in two places at once, but we are going to try.

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