Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

Shannon and I started the day off with much anticipation and worry. We didn’t know what to expect at the doctors morning rounds. The plan was to get Gabe on the traditional ventilator and see how he would do. From there we would just see how things would go throughout the day. At about 11 a.m. Gabe successfully made the switch to the new ventilator without any trouble. In fact he looks much more comfortable and is no longer fighting the oscillator. He isn’t making his scrunched up painful face anymore and that makes us much happier. His oxygen saturation is remaining high and his CO2 levels have stayed in range all morning. Doctor “C” wants to leave Gabe on the ventilator and give him a chance to adjust without stressing him out too much more. She wants to monitor his progress and closely watch the left lung to see if just putting him on the new ventilator will open up the lung. It would be great if this works because Gabe could then dodge a bronchoscopy. However, if the lung doesn’t inflate they will have to do the bronch either tonight or tomorrow.
Gabe is happy being off the oscillator which should actually be called a shake-a-lator, since his whole body would jiggle from the ventilations. He opened his eyes and looked around probably shocked that everything was still and not bouncing. Shan and I are so excited to see the little man resting comfortably. Nurse “L” closed the lid to his bed today for the first time. It’s probably a lot more quite in there without the sounds of alarms going off in the NICU. I think the nurse really closed it to protect Gabe from me harassing him while he rested. I’ve been told I talk a little bit and this was probably all the nurse could do to save him from his dad.
I was also able to mask up and assist the transport nurse who places PICC lines as well. He did a great job explaining how the procedure was done and asked me to help out. It made me feel that I was actually doing something for my son other than standing there worrying. I was also able to rub some ointment on his left leg and foot to help some of his dry skin. It always makes Shannon and I happy to help in any way we can since we are unable to do the things that other parents get to do at home.
Stay tuned later for more information this afternoon. Enjoy the pictures and videos. Take care.


cmacdon72 said...

OMG.. Gabe looks soooo much more peaceful. The 4 wheel ride of constantly jiggling is hopefully over...
I sware Jesse you are going to have to take him on bumpy roads to get him to sleep when he comes home.. hee hee hee.. Oh, up and down your street.. haaa haaa.
We love you guys.. Seriously, we are so happy he is moving up the hill again and improving. Go Gabe go!

Adrianne said...

That was the sweetest little smile I have ever seen! I think Little Man does like his new ventilator. :)

Thank you for taking time to share this with us and keep us updated.

We love you Gabriel, aka Super G.

Cindy said...

Jessie and Shannon, You are in our thoughts and prayers. Cindy and Perry.