Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27, 2009

Super Gabe is hanging tough and impressing us all. He did a great job yesterday showing us he could breathe on his own and we were all so proud of him. Unfortunately his left lung collapsed again and now we are back at trying to get that lung re-inflated. Nurse “A” got to spend the day suctioning Gabe and giving him breathing treatments. Nurse “A” also gave him his first “solid” food ever. He got some synthetic milk (not formula) that smells terrible and once in your nose doesn’t go away. I had a close encounter with the concoction and it stinks. Gabe seemed to like it though and didn’t seem to complain too much, but that’s because it bypassed his taste buds thank God and went straight to his stomach. They are starting him out with small amounts every eight hour and if he tolerates it they will increase the amount. What Gabe doesn’t tolerate so well is the decrease in his pain meds. He’s turned into a little junky and we have to go very slowly, but he is getting better. Nurse “S” has Gabe tonight and she is starting him on the Mucomist that last time worked great at breaking up the secretions in his lungs after his bronch. She mentioned that if they don’t start to see results in the next couple of days they may plan to do another bronch.
Gabe also experienced his first front row seat to a concert today and the tickets were free. A harpist came in next to his bed and lulled him to sleep. Heck, even Shannon and I found ourselves beginning to feel the effects and began to feel sleepy. All in all it was a good day for the little man despite a few setbacks.
Shannon and I did experience one scare today that we think will turn out ok. We walked into the room to find that they were doing an ultrasound of his heart. Then we found out that they had heard a heart murmur before and wanted to check and see if he had any issues. We later saw the report and didn’t see anything in there that said he had any definite problem. However, we shall hear the translation of the report from the doctor in the morning. The report is almost like trying to read another language. We will update you in the morning about what we hear. Take care and thank you all again for your continued prayers and support. It is very greatly appreciated!

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g.kling said...

What a Kid! He most definitely is a miracle baby...a wonder-baby!! It's such a joy to watch him become a little person, and it's a privilege to pray for him and for you, Shannon & Jesse, also. We love you! G&S