Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

At about 8 pm this evening the doctors decided to give Gabe a break and take him off the little mask that was forcing air into his lungs and switch him back to the breathing tube. Gabe put up a good fight and lasted about 5 hours of breathing on his own with a little help. Not to bad, nurse "N" said that some kids only make it about 1 hour and have to be put back on the breathing tube shortly after switching. Apparently many kids have to make numerous attempts at this before being successful. So we are not too worried that next time he will pull it off. Nurse "L" did an awesome job keeping a close eye on Gabe and making sure his transition off the breathing tube went off without a hitch. Nurse "A" did an impromptu "toss the tube" ritual and we will have to do again later this week. I got a kick out of Gabe's little hat they put on him to hold the new mask, he looked like a little Russian cosmonaut ready for outer space. Tonight Gabe will get to take a break and let the ventilator help him out. Tomorrow is a new day and we look forward to more success. Shannon and I are always amazed at what this little man does everyday and we cannot even begin to tell you how much both of us have learned from this little man and this whole experience. We want to thank you all for your love and support of our family through this difficult time.

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Go Gabe! Go!

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