Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15, 2009

It was a rough night for Gabe last night. His oxygen saturation and CO2 levels went up and down all night. The staff was constantly trying to fine tune the oscillator (ventilator) all night. When we arrived in the morning we found that his chest tube on the right side was no longer in. We initially thought that it was removed but were informed that it fell out, possibly while they were turning him. Today was another stressful day for Gabe, his nurse, Shan and I. Gabe's CO2 levels continued to be high throughout the day. He continued to receive his steroids, fresh frozen plasma (FFP), pulmazide (breaks up secretions in the lungs), albuterol and blood. Today Gabe was very irratable and looked like he was pain. He was given more Morphine and Versed to keep him comfortable and keep him from fighting the ventilator, which he likes to do. He continued to fight a collapsing left lung and the top of his right lung. Before we left tonight, the last x-ray showed his left lung with a large area of collapse and the top of his right lung collapsed. Doctor "J" will be keeping a close eye on him through the night and told us that he will place another chest tube on the right side if his numbers don't get any better. He also stated that if he places a new chest tube on the right, that he will place an new one on the left. This is because the one on the left is looking like it might be a little plugged up. We were told that Gabe will be totally knocked out for this procedure and will be kept comfortable. Gabe's edema seems to be sticking around despite the fact that he is still peeing like crazy. I have to say that I am very impressed with the staff at Lucile Packard's. Our wonderful nurse"B" takes excellent care of Gabe and us. She always sticks up for Gabe and is a wonderful patient advocate. Plus she is fun to talk to and makes the days much more bareable for Shannon and I. We are praying that Gabe has a good night and we look forward to seeing what kind of progress he makes in the morning.

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