Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

Today is a big day for the little man!!! The doctors shocked Shannon and I when they told us that they wanted to take the breathing tube out and see if he could manage on his own. Our first response was, WHAT??? But then they told us that they think the reason he is breathing so fast all the time is because he is trying to breathe over the ventilator and they feel this is a good time to try and see how he does. I am very apprehensive about this and pray it all goes well. The plan is to remove the tube and then put a small positive pressure mask on him that will give a constant flow of air to his lungs. You can compare it to driving down the freeway, sticking your head out the window and opening your mouth and breathing in. If all goes well they will keep him on this for a few days and then remove it and see how he does on his own. If this doesn't work, they will put the breathing tube back in immediately. So they say I shouldn't worry. Right. I hope to update you with some great pictures and video of him on his new mask very soon.


Palsgrove Family said...

This is amazing! We are thinking about you guys! Gabe is so strong!

Matt Ritchie said...

Excellent news! Hope that the result is positive!