Monday, September 7, 2009

September 6, 2009

Gabe is looking thinner everyday now and we are seeing a side or size of him we have never seen before. Now that he has less edema, he is able to open his eyes more and takes advantage of this more often. Today he was checking everything out and taking in his new surrounding in room four. Nurse "A" decided it was time for a change of position for Gabe and sat him more upright in his new boppy pillow. After we got Gabe situation in his new recliner, he relaxed and was probably in shock to see more than a ceiling above him. Thank you nurse "A" for all your hard work. Gabe also got a new mobile to look at since he has his eyes open now. At first he wasn't too interested but as the day went on he began to check it out more and more. At night, nurse "S" said he was doing great in his boppy and was content watching his mobile spin around. Thank you nurse "S" for keeping him happy and comfortable.

Gabe has a new doctor that is taking over for Dr. "B". We are very excited to see what Gabe will accomplish in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, Gabe was not taking to the monogen that they are feeding him. Every time they feed him, he vomits it right back up. I can't blame him, if it tastes as bad as it smells, I wouldn't eat it either. So for now they are going to withhold feedings and just keep him on the TPN that they have had him on since he was born. The new Dr. "B" said that they will try to feed him a little later after his stomach calms down again. Dr. "B" is very hopeful for Gabe and wants to see him lose some more weight in the near future. This is because he wants to see Gabe get off the ventilator in the near future. Woohoo! Enjoy the pictures and I will update later tonight.


shannon said...

love the new pics, love the boppy, love the new mobile! It's ok that you are still losing your baby weight... I am still trying to lose mine too! Keep up the good work Gabe.. you looke great, I love your exploring eyes and I can't wait to come see you again! Love you... Shannon

Jeanne Marie said...

Wonderful news, pictures, video...!

Conners said...

He looks great guys. What a sweetie. Logan and Shea remind me every night that we have to pray for baby Gabe. He his talked about a lot in our house. Hugs from the Conners