Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3, 2009

Today was a big day for Bubba. Today he got his Big-Boy bed and switched rooms. Moving Gabriel is never an easy task, but after a few little bumps in the road, he is now settled into his new bed and new spot in room 4 (a much quieter room). Thank you to nurse "A" and everyone who helped with the big transfer project this morning. Once G was settled into his new bed the rest of his day was pretty uneventful. Bubba is handling the breast milk so well that his feedings are now being increased by 3 mls each time. The best part is, every time the quanity of milk he receives goes up, the quantity of TPN (his only source of nutrition until now) goes down. I'm sure his liver will be much happier with this change, and his tummy. The slow wean off hydra cortisone and all of his narcotics continues. Gabe has shown some signs of withdrawl, which is to be expected, but he is monitored very closely to make sure he is not experiencing horrible pains. He will be a bit cranky until all of the drugs are out of his system, so we will have to be patient during this process. Poor little guy!

I am back home now and on Kayla-duty. Jesse will head up first thing tomorrow morning to spend a few days with Gabe. It's the old kiddo-switcheroo-day again. Jesse is ready to go and spend some time with our very quiet son after spending several days with our stubborn 2-1/2 year old. he he...gotta love toddlers!


Adrianne said...

My heart is bursting with pride as I see Gabriel in his big boy bed. What a sight. You're King of the hill Little Man!!!

Robin said...

YEA,what Adrianne said!

g.kling said...

This IS a miracle!!! So glad for ALL of you that things seem to have taken a turn for the better!
xoxo, G&S